Out of State & International Clients


How it works for Out of State & International Clients

  • Accountability

    You will do check-ins every 30-45 days. Our staff will schedule each check-ins for you to come in for pictures and measurements with Derek and your trainer. We hold you accountable!

  • Personal In Every Way

    Our trainers know how to keep you motivated. We make it easy by communicating with you through messaging and email. With a weekly checkup we keep you accountable.

1) Set up phone/skype consult with Derek Perdue

Although you may select individual plans we may recommend pairing multiple plans together for a complete solution.

2) Complete online questionnaire

This will help us gather more specific data about you, this in turn helps us create a very personal and custom diet made just for you

3) Purchase program

All programs typically take 7-10 business days from the time we receive bloodwork, dietary waiver, and payment. Depending on the program you purchase, you will get an electronic version easily accessible from your phone with active links that contains invaluable information and a booklet of your diet plan in the mail with DP swag within 14 business days.

4) Get started!

5) Accountability

You will do skype check-ins every 30-45 days.  Our staff will schedule each check-in for you with Derek.  At this time, if you purchased a diet plan, Derek will determine what adjustments needs to be made to make sure we keep you going on the right path.  We hold you accountable!

6) Texts/email support

Not only will you have support texts/calls from Derek and your trainer, you also have our admin staff available Mon- Fri from 8am-4pm.


“He knows the body so well, it’s like I’m not even dieting. I received these results in 6 weeks flat!”

“Hard work, consistency, and zero excuses make your dreams a reality. The girl on the left doesn’t exist anymore thanks to Derek Perdue “

“I couldn’t have gotten into this type of conditioning without my coach Derek Perdue.”

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